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Things to remember when Decluttering

Most of us hate the idea of going through our wardrobe.  We know we need to do it, but the thought of having to face all those things we’ve hidden in the back of the cupboard fills us with dread.

Everyone’s Out Out now! finally.  But you’ve turned down nights out because the idea of getting dressed up and finding something to wear is just too stressful.


I’ve also come to realise that for many of us, our possessions hold emotional value and keeping hold of them is often routed in deeper reservations.   We tend to hold on to  things that remind us of a more ‘glorious’ time… a previous job, a cuter figure, before the kids.  Often saying to ourselves ‘One day, I’ll wear these again.’  Yea, right!

There’s no doubt that this pandemic has caused massive shifts in all our lives and if like me your work/life, personal values have completely changed, you most certainly have things that no longer fit in with the current journey you are on. The truth is, as our values shift, our own visualisation of what we want to look like, or how we want to world to see us evolves. This is why when our mindset is changing we often don’t connect to what we had from the past as now our clothes and who we are now no longer match.

Your clothes should be an extension of you.

They say who you are without you saying a word about yourself.


My job as a Fashion Buying Manager for a major UK department store just stopped.  All the stores closed indefinately. Reality had hit me.  Retail will never be the same again, and I wasn’t needed anymore in the same capacity, for the moment atleast.  I soon realised that all the fierce outfits, black shift dresses, painful heels were no longer necessary, and I didn’t really enjoy wearing half of it! Not to mention the fact that my body had changed and what I had considered as comfortable and bearable had actually done a 360 since I turned 30 (I’m in my 40’s now).  Now my staples are oversized dresses, trainers, cool sweat tops, relaxed trousers and anything with an elasticated waist!  And I know that certain colours, patterns enhance my mood.


So, if getting dressed fills you with dread.  Our you wear the same 6 things all the time. You physically have no room for anything new, you have no idea what new to buy.  Or you don’t even know what you actually like, or what your style is, here are a few things to remember to help you tackle the task.  Go on,  give it a go!

Clothes don’t have feelings

They are just bits of fabric used to cover and protect you from the elements. They should enhance and complimentyour body in Comfort.

If they no longer serve these fundamental purpose then consider this… do you feel amazing when you wear it, feel a bit fuzzy inside when you wear it, makes you want to twirl?  No… then it must go.

Somethings don’t last for ever

If it doesn’t look like what it looked like when you bought it… colour faded, shape gone, shape unrecognisable, busted seams… well, you probably got your money’s worth … so say thanks for the service and move on! (a big one for those of us who love to hold on to old bras and pants)

Memories will last forever

The memories of that amazing holiday, or when you were ‘that size’ will live on in your heart even if the clothes you bought then have to go.


No one really cares but you

If you have 3 jeans or 5 trousers. Less clothes, less space needed, less money spent. Less time spent getting ready!

Dress for who you are NOW

If your body has changed, changed your life/ work life or they don’t fit anymore. Time to say thankyou for your service, and move on.

They will understand

Sometimes we get clothes as gifts which really don’t suit us from family and friends.  They will understand if you pass them on to someone else who will make use of them.  They have probably already realised that you never wear the damn thing anyway.

Clothes have no value if they aren’t used.

Yes, you paid loads for it. But you never wear it, and it actually doesn’t suit you. Maybe it was a bad trend decision at the time.   Its actually ‘dead money’ hung up in your closet.  Someone else out there may love it! Sell it or give it to a friend!

Getting your money’s worth actually means good ‘cost per wear’!

Giving feels good

Those clothes that are only taking up space may bring joy to someone else.  There is no better feeling than giving. Make someone else Happy


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