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My Journey

Growing up on a small island I’ve always loved clothes.  This was heavily influenced by the women in my family. I was fascinated by a few amazing women who mixed culture and personality with very little means, to create their own version of unique glamour.

For Queens of the Sun, Colour is a whole mood, it allows us to be free, to be loud without saying a word, to compliment the sun, sky and lush green, allowing us to create new personas and shine unapologetically.


”Take me to Church”

My Grand Mother made getting dressed up for Sunday Service a Sport! Planning coordinated outfits, statement ‘queen like’ hats, shoes and fancy stockings weeks in advance of Special services.   I couldn’t help but pick up a few tips along the way. I remember the anticipation on Friday afternoons waiting for the postman to bring the ’parcel’ from ‘Merica’ for the grand reveal. Especially Easter, Mothers Day, Harvest Sunday and Christmas.   Come Sunday, time for Church! Aka… time for the fashion parade.…the Original island Catwalk!  My first Fashion Fix.

‘In living Colour’

My mother had the most amazing rainbow wardrobe filled with bright prints and heels in every colour, power suits with huge shoulder pads, big broaches and statement belts. Printed co ords, polyester jacquards dresses in every texture you can think of. It was the 80s of course! And it didn’t take me long before I was mixing her clothes with my own. And I was always given the freedom to do so.

‘Express yourself’

Music and pop culture were my first love. Glued to the tv watching …. CSN, BET, MTV mesmerised by the performances, the artistry and the outfits in the music videos, daydreaming of my own moment on stage. The way how fashion and music told the story of our culture later influenced my studies. I spent my final year at University exploring the influence of black culture on designer fashion and pop music.


‘Every Spoil ah Style’

‘Every Spoil ah Style’ they say in the islands which means … make every mistake and mix/ match your own. We didn’t have any department stores, or big clothing brands, but we did have the most talented dress makers who could just look at a picture and cut you a frock to fit!

Once I was old enough to work in my family business I spent all my wages on clothes from import fashion boutiques stores. I bought fabrics from overseas for friends to create versions of my favourite singers’ looks at the time.  I never actually learnt how to sew.  Go figure.


Fast Forward …

I moved to the UK as a teenager with aspirations of being an Architect.  Or so I thought. My subjects were serious and somewhat boring and brought me little joy.  So I did life -drawing after classes as an escape. After A’level Economics, Geography & Maths, (yes.. I did A’level Maths, and passed!)  I somehow convinced my parents to allow me to do a Fine Art and Photography degree which eventually led to me exploring Fashion Illustration.  This lead to me to Fashion business studies, and here I we are today.


20 years on, a passport full of beautiful stamps and a thick black book of fashion professionals.  A great love and appreciation of global fashion culture and style. Working with the best retailers and manufacturers in the business and gaining insight and respect for the traditional craftmanship involved in making quality clothes and bringing designs to life.

Admittingly I hit the jackpot with my career!  Being rewarded to create clothes everyday, predict trends, co design and bring product to life on a global scale, giving customers what they want and exceeding the expectations in sales, growth and profits.

Nadia About Me Min

”Ask Nads, She’ll fix you up”

They say I am always fixing every ones outfits, making sure everything is tucked in where it needs to be and fits right.  And making life easier for those struggling to find something to wear for that night out. I find it easy to shop for others and help them find their look and take some of the stress away.

Soon I was getting referred by friends to other individuals and I started personal shopping for persons in my spare time.

And so the name Nadiastylefix was created.


An established Fashion Buyer and now a Stylist and Image consultant to professional women and men.  My ultimate goal is to bring my personal brand alive and empower people to do the same.