About me

I’ve always loved Fashion and clothes and have been blessed to have a 20 year career as a Fashion Buyer career creating trends and fashion ranges for everyday women all around the world!

I’ve learned to create my own unique style with tricks of the trade, such as identifying what new trends best suit me, spotting quality and beautifully made pieces, whilst mixing it up with my own cultural references to find my Individuality!

When we look good, we feel incredible!  As a Style Go-to for my friends, I know sometimes we need a little help to discover what works for us and how to simplify the process to find our flare.

Whether we are ambitious professionals, home makers, or transitioning through a new phase in our lives, having the right ‘armour’ makes everything feel better and gives us the confidence to put our best foot forward.

About Min

“embrace your personality,

complement your lifestyle,

feel and look your best”

I created NADIASTYLEFIX to empower people to confidently express themselves through fashion and style.  NADIASTYLEFIX aims to ‘fix it’ so your style and lifestyle are in sync.

The intention is not to change you, but to help you find your vibe, so you can be the best version of your authentic self!

Ladies and gentlemen, having a personal stylist is not a privilege reserved for the rich or famous!  NADIASTYLEFIX is here to #fixyouup and get you stepping out,  in style with renewed confidence. I share with you the tools to help you feel renewed, and dressed for who you are NOW, and who you want to become.

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“Ask Nads, She’ll fix you up”

NADIASTYLEFIX combines my ninja shopping skills and my knowledge of how things are designed, made, how colours and prints work, and how to put outfits together. It made sense to create a platform to share this with women and men who need that extra guidance.

I know first-hand how difficult it can be to pivot professionally without losing yourself along the way. I help you to identify your signature style, be your authentic self and dress for who you are now and want to become.

Let NADIASTYLEFIX #fixyouup and get you stepping out in style with renewed confidence.


Dress for Who you are NOW, and who you want to become


“Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it Last”

NADIASTYLEFIX advocates all things sustainable and helps you make considered mindful choices, recognise good value and get real satisfaction from your purchases.

Dress up for YOU

the Fashion Professional…

I started as a Fashion PR runner in my early years, while juggling my Saturday sales job on Oxford Street. My love for urban music and streetstyle led to freelancing as Styling Editorial Assistant for MOBOS magazine. I later took a chance and moved to Leicester for a trainee Buyer 3 month programme and here we are today.

“They call me Lady Buyer”

I have delivered new concept fashion ranges for brands including Next, Marks and Spencer’s, Debenhams, Arcadia and the Boohoo Group.

“Specialized in Start up’s, New Design Concepts & Brand Repositioning.”

I have a reputation for having a good eye for new trends, being a savvy negotiator, blue-sky creative thinker, delivering what customers want, and exceeding the expectations in sales and brand perceptions. Oh! And I can design too!

Executive Styling Capsule Wardrobe Min

Along with working with leading Industry fashion retailers, as a Buying Consultant I work with independent purpose driven businesses looking to buy and sourcing fashion related product. I support them through the process of building a sustainable successful fashion business.

“Brands I’ve Worked with.”

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Мore about my Journey

Mens Styling and Virtual Shopping

My Mrs. booked me a virtual renewal session for my Birthday. She obviously thought I needed help with my clothes. I wanted cool casual options. Nadia sorted me out. We did a clear out online of my closet. she was Ruthless. She even measured me for trousers and jkts. then made suggestions of what I should buy… I don’t like shopping, so she sent me the links and I just bought them from my phone. Easy! and the Mrs is happy to be seen out with me! The kids have been complimenting me too! Thanks for the fix up Nads.

Jerry K Engineer, Bradford, UK


I had the Virtual wardrobe cleanse and Renewal. Great experience. Can't stop talking about it with friends. Recommending to all.

Ms. Wilson Education Professional, USA

Started my Nightware Brand

I met Nadia, through a networking group, I was looking to start a new venture and Nadia reached out! I could tell straight away that she knew her stuff! We went through my ideas, and she gave me more than enough information to start, it was all quite overwhelming, but once she broke it down I understood all about the garment process, the tech pack, suppliers, manufacturers, and lots more!! She is professional, knowledgeable, and more than helpful I remember one time she wasn't well and still managed to help me. Would definitely recommend Nadia x

Sylvia Owner of YSDesigns

Good for my Closet, Good for my Soul

Just this week as I looked at my outfit in the mirror at work I actually thought “Nadia would be proud of me today” I could not ask for a better service and definitely will be taking the next step….SHOPPING 🙂 All in all this experience was not only good for my closet it was good for my soul!

Tameka Nicole Social Care Professional

Shopping is fun again!

Nadia is a consummate professional and yet so warm and friendly. You put me at ease immediately and knew I was in safe hands. Her knowledge and experience is clear and she gave me invaluable insight into what suits me. Shopping is fun again and I can’t wait to explore my new style.

Tolá Okogwu Children's Book Author

NadiaStylefix Top Top

Nads is top notch when it comes to choosing Young Mens Clothing! Nadia asked me what I liked, my colours and what I would be singing about. She understood that I was a Young Man who has Swag and wanted to make an impression for the Calypso Monarch Show 2021. She got my parents to measure me in a video call and then made the purchases from that. I was totally pleased with what she put together for me! My outfit was a hit!

Proklaima Young Singer/ Songwriter, Age 17, Montserrat
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Stress Free, Perfectly suited to the occasion

Nadiastylefix is the one stop shopping option to choose. Just tell Nadia what you want and she will get it for you. I had a Wedding Reception to attend in December right after Christmas. All I did was talk through the colours and shapes I like. She reviewed my body shape, and things that would suit me perfectly. She topped it off with her AFUSHE earrings. She knows what she is about! Contact her for your clothing needs! well worth it.

D Kirnan Social Worker/ Business Owner, Montserrat

Virtual Wardrobe cleanse

With the virtual wardrobe cleanse and personal styling boards created for me and the personal shopping experience I have gained a whole new level of confidence with a smaller wardrobe.

S. Thomas Working Mom, Medical Professional , Coventry, UK

I loved her honesty throughout the whole process! She was able to identify the types of things I was drawn to (colour and texture) which I never knew I was drawn to until she pointed this out! Because of my body shape she was able to say what worked best for me! And it was spot on, as I've always felt comfy in that style of clothing!

L.Howe Govnt Development Advisor, WI

I got rid of 2 garbage bags! One to recycle and the other to pass on the love! Her expertise in this was evident through out the process, she not only left me with more space in my closet and drawers, which I’m now able to see more of my clothes and tips on how to mix and match! She also left me with a renewed sense of confidence! Im wearing more of my clothes than ever before, even though I probably have 10x less! Strange concept but soo true! To sum up the entire experience - I've had a fashion rebirth!.’’

L. Howe Govnt Development Advisor, WI

Fashion One stop Shop

Nadia is my go to fashion guru. She is a human WGSN! Fashion forward - A blend of Oprah and Anna Wintour with a Caribbean vibe and global sensibility. Her Inspirational approach to fashion and self - empowerment has helped me to level up my style game in a way that is authentic to me. She has an eye for knowing what works and where to get the best quality deals. When I need fashion advice ABOUT ANYTHING Nadia is my one stop shop. She's the real Deal!

Zena Tuitt Business & Marketing Consultant GAFA Limited

“’Whenever I am in the UK or touring, and I am looking for a special look for a performance I link up the Empress Nadia of NADIASTYLEFIX. She knows how to make a man look good! Link up!”

Richie Spice Reggae Artist

“Re-learning about my colour palette was helpful for me. Hiring Nadia is money well spent. She has helped me get excited about my wardrobe and feel more comfortable in everything I do, whether it is going to a meeting, to a restaurant, or just getting myself together for the day. It's all so much more comfortable, streamlined and easy.”

VW AquaCaribbean

“The lockdown made me realise the rut I was in with my wardrobe. I wanted to declutter, minimise and update it. I contacted Nadiastylefix and booked a consultation. She was very professional and told me exactly what I needed to do. I had to display what was in my wardrobe and the choices were made with her guidance for what should keep and what I should get rid of. Next was the shopping. We met up and headed for the stores. The experience was really good. Nadia chose a few classic pieces and a mix of casual and staple items. She convinced me that no one needed the colossal amount of outfits that ladies tend to have. Nadia knows her stuff. She is definitely a Fashionista. Highly recommended. ”

Beryl Retired, Glam’ma

“I am a certified impulse shopper. A change was needed fast. With the virtual wardrobe cleanse and personal styling boards created for me and the personal shopping experience I have gained a whole new level of confidence with a smaller wardrobe. This woman knows her stuff and can find you amazing pieces tailored to your budget.”

S Thomas Medical Professional, UK

“I had a virtual session with the lovely Nadia. The atmosphere was so relaxed, fun and inspiring, She made me feel so comfortable. She listened and suggested clothes to match my personality. She inspired my confidence by showing ways to dress for my body. I feel revived. Thanks Nads. Be Blessed x ”

Wendy Educator, London

“I needed to put together a smart casual outfit for an international business training event in the US. Usually my work look is quite corporate. I needed to look smart, relaxed and appropriately represent my brand. I hysterically called my go-to stylist Nadia who without hesitation looked through what I had all via video call. She put together several outfit suggestions for me to work with. Took the stress out of having to think about what to wear. I could just focus on knocking my presentation out the park”

Mitzi Cornelious Business Consultant, US Virgin Islands

“Nadia’s expertise have me feeling decluttered, refreshed, colour confident, excited and wardrobe organised.”

‘Silver Lady’ Youtuber @silverladyeastlondon, London UK